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Hotel Bar, Park Plaza on the River

The Park Plaza on the river, is, as the name suggets, a rather swish hotel on the Thames. In it lies a rather swish little bar, where they serve swish drinks to their swish customers.

We were feeling flush one payday and decided to pay them a visit. I ordered a cocktail, as one does when one is feeling flush, you know…

Their cocktail list goes on and on, but I opted for the all time best ever cocktail in the world – the passionfruit martini.

The drink was served up in a wiggly glass and tasted perfect – sweet with an alcoholic kick. The half a passionfruit perched on the top is one of your five a day too.

The drinks were served with free nibbles, which is always a good thing. 

Unfortunately the poor waitress then came over and knocked the wiggly glass flying smashing it to a million tiny pieces. We left before she came to clear up the mess to save her from dying of shame…

The Verdict: Nice chilled out bar with a great cocktail list. Wasn’t exactly buzzing but we visited mid-afternoon so who knows…



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