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Newburn Bakehouse Are Now Putting Less Fat in Their Thins

gluten free sandwich ideas

The good folk of Newburn Bakehouse have been in touch with some lovely news I thought I’d share with you all. Their delicious sandwich thins are now much healthier (and still delicious – don’t worry, I’ve checked).

The new and improved recipe means that both flavours of the gluten free sandwich thins by Newburn Bakehouse are now a lot lighter. In fact, there’s 30% less calories per thin than in the previous recipe. Win, win.

gluten free sandwich ideas

Oh and they’re BIGGER too. What is this, witchcraft? Maybe.

gluten free sandwich ideas
The new recipe comes fully and happily approved by me who has eaten a whole packet of both flavours, in the name of research.

The packaging is all new and lovely looking too, so look out for it. If you want to see where you can get some check out this stocklist locator.

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