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Warburtons Introduces Mighty Mini Loaves

Warburtons has announced the launch of brand new gluten, wheat and milk free Mighty Mini loaves!! Available now from Morrisons, the new Mighty Mini loaves offer a more conveniently sized loaf but with full size slices and retaining the key nutritional benefits of our existing farmhouse range, and they taste mighty fine too!


When there’s only one person in the household following a gluten, wheat and milk free diet, it can be difficult to finish a full loaf before expiry. So this new range is great, providing more choice for smaller households, without worrying about expiry dates and all that nonsense!


And the best bit? They haven’t compromised on slice size. With an RRP of £1.99, it’s worth a try whether you’re already on a gluten free diet or just starting out.

The new range is available now and includes a White and Seeded variety with the seeded loaf containing a delicious mix of sunflower seeds, linseeds, millet seeds and poppy seeds. Both loaves are a source of fibre, iron and calcium, low in saturated fat and low in sugars.

The Mighty Mini loaves are on sale now from Morrisons. We like!

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