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The Launch of Gluten Free Nutribix

Hold on to your hats – gluten free weetabix now EXISTS! Nutribix is a brand new cereal which has just launched, it’s 100% gluten free and it looks mysteriously like the good old Weetabix of gluten-eating times gone by.


The cereal is made with the latest super grain, Sorghum. The ancient crop that has been growing in Africa for thousands of years, it contains fibre, iron, protein, vitamins and is low in fat.


I was always a big weetabix fan, so really like this new gluten free variation! It’s great if you’re looking for something filling that’ll keep you going until lunch, too.


Gluten Free Nutribix brings a fresh and exciting taste to people looking to transform their breakfast routine – it’s the perfect way to kick-start your morning.


Nutribix is now on supermarket shelves across the UK. Has anyone else tried this brand new gluten free version of weetabix? What did you think?

Find out more here:

NB: There is another version of Nutrbix called ‘Gold and Grains’ – this flavour is NOT gluten free. 


  1. Robin says

    The Gold & Grains variant is emphatically NOT gluten free. It contains wheat and barley.

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