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Restaurants step up for #CoeliacAwarenessWeek

Restaurants across the country are gradually increasing the number of gluten-free options on their menus as awareness of conditions such as coeliac disease increase and diners demand more choice.

Today is the first day of Coeliac Awareness Week, developed by Coeliac UK to help spread the word about Coeliac disease and help make life a little easier for gluten-avoiders!


According to Aviko, 59% of people want to see more gluten free options on menus, and 73% of people don’t think restaurants do enough to help those with gluten intolerances.

This month dim sum chain Ping Pong has launched a new summer menu which includes gluten free dumplings, as well as naturally gluten free dishes like the tofu, mushrooms and black bean rice pots.


Le Bistrot Pierre is also highlighting its gluten free offering with a new gluten-free prix-fixe menu – with five choices of starter and five mains – have we ever had so much choice?!

Currently restaurants accredited by Coeliac UK are:

La Tasca
ASK Italian
Pizza Express
Frankie & Benny’s
Ed’s Easy Diner 

Where would you like to see more gluten free options?

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