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Which Easter Eggs are Gluten Free?


All pre-packaged foods (including Easter eggs) are covered by EU-wide allergen labelling legislation, so any gluten-containing ingredient used as a deliberate ingredient in a product must appear on the ingredients list, regardless of the amount used.

Manufacturers must name the particular grain i.e. ‘wheat’, ‘rye’, ‘barley’, ‘oats’; or some will use the word ‘gluten’ as well i.e. ‘wheat gluten’. This information must be declared in the ingredients list so definitely check the ingredients list to assess suitability of a product.

Some manufacturers also use an allergy advice box to highlight the presence of gluten in a product. This is not compulsory so do always check the ingredients list too!

Below are the list of the most delicious of gluten free eggs available. Happy Easter everyone!


  • Buttons Toy Easter Egg
  • Cadbury Caramel Treasure Easter Egg
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Treasure Easter Egg
  • Caramel Bunnies
  • Caramel Easter Egg Standard
  • Crème Egg Minis
  • Crème Egg Splats
  • Crème Egg Standard
  • Easter Chick
  • Easter Egg Trail Pack
  • Eggheads
  • Giant Caramel Bunnies Easter Egg
  • Giant Crème Egg Easter Egg
  • Giant Mini Eggs Easter Egg
  • Large Flake Easter Egg
  • Large Roses Easter Egg
  • Large Twirl Easter Egg
  • Medium Buttons Easter Egg
  • Medium Caramel Eggs Easter Egg
  • Medium Crème Egg Easter Egg
  • Medium Crunchie Easter Egg
  • Medium Flake Easter Egg
  • Medium Mini Eggs Easter Egg
  • Mini Eggs
  • Mini Eggs Treasure Easter Egg
  • Mixed Mini Filled Eggs Bag



  • Organic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Easter Egg 180g
  • Organic Fairtrade Dark 70% Chocolate Easter Egg 180g
  • Organic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate & Butterscotch Easter Egg 180g
  • Organic Fairtrade Dark 70% Chocolate Mint Easter Egg 180g
  • Explorers Organic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Easter Egg 110g (Explorer’s Boat & Explorer’s Balloon)
  • Organic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Easter Egg + 2 Milk Chocolate bars (Butterscotch and Raisin & Hazelnut) 380g
  • Organic Fairtrade Dark 70% Chocolate Easter Egg + 2 Dark Chocolate bars 380g
  • Organic Fairtrade Dark 70% Chocolate Easter egg, with 24 miniatures bars of milk, dark & white chocolate 540g



  • Hollow Design Eggs
  • Pleated Chocolate Egg
  • Crazy Face Egg Cup
  • Egg Hunt Bag
  • Hello Kitty Bag
  • Where’s Wally Egg Hunt
  • Easter Mallows
  • Easter Oval Lollies
  • Café Revive Easter Lollies
  • Top Trumps Egg
  • Eggbot
  • Bubbly Bunny
  • Bobby Bunny
  • Mr Potato Head
  • Adult Variety Cone
  • Harry the Hound
  • Baby Basil Duck
  • Net of Half Eggs
  • Giant Walnut Whip



  • Melts Caramel Treat Easter Egg
  • Melts Praline Treat Easter Egg
  • Marc de Champagne Treat Easter Egg
  • Lenny Lolly
  • Bramble Lolly
  • Bramble Bunny Impulse 24g
  • Easter Mini Melts 98g
  • Dippy Eggs 105g
  • Ducks & Bunnies 110g
  • Sugar Coated Easter Eggs 150g
  • Easter Egg Hunt 280g
  • Milk Bramble Bunny 80g
  • Charlie Chick & Buttons 100g
  • Milk Benji Bunny 200g
  • Milk Bramble Bunny 250g
  • Milk Butterfly Egg 150g
  • Milk Football Egg 160g
  • White Chocolate Bramble Egg170g
  • Milk Chocolate Easter  Egg 153g
  • Dark Chocolate Easter Egg 153g
  • White Chocolate Easter Egg 153g
  • Milk Chocolate Easter Egg 320g
  • Dark Chocolate Easter Egg 320g
  • White Chocolate Easter Egg 320g
  • Love Fudge Easter Egg 315g
  • Love Toffee Easter Egg 335g
  • Melts Caramel Easter Egg 248g
  • Diabetic Easter Egg 205g
  • 70% Dark Easter Egg 320g
  • Viennese Easter Egg 292g
  • Continental Easter Egg 327g
  • Classics Easter Egg 326g
  • Statement Egg 620g
  • Easter Lollies Mixed SRP
  • Bunny & Lamb 150g
  • Charlie Chick & Egg 250g
  • Milk Sporty Easter Egg 150g
  • Milk Butterfly Easter Egg 150g
  • Moments Easter Egg 232g
  • Toffee Easter Egg 310g
  • Classic Collection Easter Egg 274g
  • Classic Collection Easter Egg 313g
  • Premium Easter Egg 298g
  • Dark Premium Easter Egg 302g
  • Luxury Milk Easter Egg 421g
  • Classics Ltd Edition 192g
  • Classics Ltd Edition 520g
  • Chocolate Collection 287g
  • Chocolate Collection 365g
  • Classic Collection 521g
  • Premium Collection 259g
  • Premium Collection 410g
  • Premium collection 424g
  • Premium Collection Heart 455g


If you are a fan of Hotel Chocolate they have a page dedicated to gluten free chocolates with a list of delicious Easter eggs and Easter treats such as egg and soldier chocolates. I may have to get that for the novelty factor! Find their range of gluten free chocolates here!


Both Nestle and Mars state all Easter Egg products will have allergen warnings on the packaging. If someone has an allergy or intolerance they should refer to the ingredients list on the packaging of the product.  If there is a risk of contamination there will be a “may contain traces” on the packaging.  Allergen status stays the same as on the avoidance lists regarding the products inside the shells.



  1. thebuttercupbaker says

    Blimey, that must have been a bit of research on your part! Great to see such a comprehensive list (and with so much on it as well!!). It reminded me of when I was working in my previous job…every Easter, our overall boss bought everyone in our department a nice, big Easter egg. Know what she got me? A pack of dairy free chocolate buttons. Yupp. There were LOADS of gf options available – most of the ones she bought for others SAID ‘gluten free’ on them. And I got a teeny pack of dairy free buttons. Oddly, Easter has been far more enjoyable since I left! Hahaha!

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