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10 Valentines Gifts for the Gluten Free Foodie

Valentine’s is almost upon us, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be scouring the shops in the hope of finding that perfect gift for the gluten free dreamboat in your life. Or maybe not. But if you are we’ve got great things to share with you today, wonderful things!

Here are our ten favourite Valentine’s gifts for the gluten free foodie. And ummm if you could pop a few in the post for us… that’d be great.


Chocolates that are mostly mine – £6.99

10934134-1397058662-74076The Mine Mine Mine Yours Chocolate from Choc on Choc is handmade from white and dark Belgian chocolate, and features eight ‘mine’ chocolates and one ‘yours’ chocolate, so you can make it perfectly clear who can have what when you’re ‘sharing’ them! Containing natural carmine colouring, these delicious chocolates would make a great gift idea for any serious chocoholic and they contain no gluten, whatsoever!


Fried Egg Mould of Love – £6.99

10909040-1393323106-431034If you love someone, say it in the form of fried eggs thanks to the Fry Love You Fried Egg Mould – LOVE. Once your eggy creation is complete, place it on a slice of toast or on a plate for your lover to admire and devour. The mould is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. – L.M.


Gluten Free Doughnut Maker – £26.99

10954416-1400257064-457855Yeah ok, we can’t eat doughnuts. But we can definitely have a go at making our own gluten free versions of the baked-fried wonder treat. With its non-stick design, the doughnut wizard will bake six light, crispy mini donuts in a matter of minutes. Simply fill the moulds with homemade gluten free batter, pull down the lid and wait for the indicator lights to tell you when your treats are ready to eat.


Date Night Curry Subscription (Always Gluten Free) – £20
original_three-month-date-night-spice-subscriptionWe know that eating out when your gluten free always carries a certain amount of risk, so if you’re hoping to make more delicious date night food at home this could be perfect. The Date Night Spice subscription contains all the fresh spices and recipes to create a three course romantic night in for two, once a month.


Champagne with a NAME – £30

giftpreviewgalleryimageThis personalised Gauthier Champagne is produced by Mason Burtin, and is part of the prestigious Lanson BCC group. It is a crisp, dry fizz made from a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. A very elegant Champagne to mark that very special celebration. And the best bit? You can get their NAME ON IT. Boom.


Retro Treats to Keep ‘Em Sweet – £8.86

retrocubeforhim-500x400It’s so hard buying Valentines Gifts for men.  Box of chocolates? Mmm… not right. Bunch of roses? Mmm… a bit girly.  A fantastic Retro Cube of love-themed goodies?  Yes please! It’s a ‘manly’ Valentines gift and it’ll take him right down memory lane. There’s also a girly version here.


Gluten Free Hamper from Ilumi – £40

1000x1000_50_50The ilumi Body Rescue Pack has been designed as a quick 7-day pick-me-up – all the lowest calorie and lowest fat meals in one easy rescue remedy. Not only guilt-free eating but gluten-free too, a simple way to restore your beloved’s energy levels.


Burning Hot Chilli Powder in Miniature Form – £6

Because, why wouldn’t you want to burn your beloved’s mouth right out of their head? This explosive box contains some of the hottest chilli powders ever tested, including current world champion Scorpion Moruga (2,000,000 SHU), a former world hottest Butch T (1,500,000 SHU), the legendary 7 Pot (1,300,000 SHU) , and the ten minute burner Ghost powder (1,000,000 SHU). Each one is beautifully presented in a corked glass bottle.


Silver Plated Spoon with a Secret – £23
original_personalised-hidden-message-valentines-chocolate-spoonThis silver plated spoon can be personalised with your own words which are hidden in a block of luxurious chocolate. Stir the spoon into warm milk to create a dreamy hot chocolate drink, and watch as the secret message is revealed! This is the perfect way to surprise someone – how about personalising a spoon with ‘be my valentine’, ‘will you marry me’ or just simply ‘I love you’!


Halloumi Making Kit – £26
original_halloumi-making-kitQ: Is there any cheese as great as halloumi?
A: No
So why wouldn’t you want to make your own halloumi? Why wouldn’t you indeed. And now you can. All you need at home is a large pan and colander, everything else is supplied in the kit, just add milk. Nothing says romance like making your own cheese. Nothing.



Happy Valentine’s Day one and all!


  1. thebuttercupbaker says

    Haha! I always love your posts and this is no exception. Firstly because you’re right – there’s no cheese better than halloumi…mmm….halloumi.. and also because some of these ideas are brilliant and hilarious and very..erm…novel! ;0) Seriously though, I actually love the sound of the curry subscription. it’s SO easy to make curry at home and if they’re all gluten free, why would anyone ever buy a takeaway again!?? Oh, and with the doughnut maker – my parents bought my twin sis and I one each for our birthday many moons ago. It comes with a recipe and I’m pleased to say that substituting the flour with gf flour worked perfectly, so it’s even safe for coeliacs. Wohoo! Now the only problem is how many different toppings you can manage without feeling sick…!

    • Ahhh thanks so much!! We want the doughnut maker the most, although having access to gluten free doughnuts on demand might not be a good thing 😉

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