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Gluten Free Brunch at Granger and Co, Clerkenwell

granger co gluten free

Bill Granger is something like the Australian version of Jamie Oliver. Well along those lines, anyway. Bill has been a prominent voice in the cheffing world for twenty years, and famously serves a mean brunch – he’s quite famous for his speciality creamy scrambled eggs.


About Granger and Co, Clerkenwell

Granger and Co. in Clerkenwell is Bill Granger’s eighth restaurant, which follows four Japanese joints, another in London and two in his homeland of Sydney Australia.

We headed down there to check out the brunch – and we’re pleased to report that it’s quite fabulous, actually.

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Granger and Co. Clerkenwell is all about simple dishes served casually. It’s the latest in a chain of restaurants serving fine but paired-back cuisine. There’s a relaxed approach to cooking here, with some quite exciting dishes making the brunch menu such as Kim Chee brown rice, miso porridge and courgette fritters with tahini.

The unusual dishes are apparently the result of Granger’s travels. His cooking has both Hawaiian and Japanese influences, which explains why we’d not heard of many of the dishes on the menu – but we were determined to try as much as we could!


What’s Gluten Free on the Granger and Co Menu?

There are quite a lot of gluten free brunch options to choose from at Granger and Co, particularly if you are a fan of eggs. You can see the full menu here, but it changes a lot so it’s best to speak to your server on the day about the gluten free options on offer.

granger co gluten freeWe tried Bill’s freshly made orange juice (£3.30), which was refreshing and delicious, along with a pot of English breakfast tea by Rare Tea Company (£3.00), because you simply cannot start the day without tea, can you. We also ordered plenty of coffee – a flat white, Americano and latte. Caffeine makes us happy.


Our Gluten Free Brunch Order

For brunch we really went to town. Our favourite was bill’s granola, dairy free coconut yoghurt & fruit compote (£7.50).

granger co gluten free

Coconut yoghurt was a new discovery for us, and one we’ll definitely order again. It’s a great dairy free alternative to ordinary yoghurt and it’s not actually that overpowering in coconut flavour. Bill’s granola was really tasty too; full of nuts and crunchy bits and not too sweet like some granolas tend to be. The fruit compote topped it off nicely with a sour kick.

granger co gluten freeOur other orders included the sweetcorn fritters, roast tomato, spinach & bacon (£13.50), broken eggs, ricotta, spinach, pine nuts & grilled sourdough (£8.50) and courgette fritters, deep fried egg, haloumi, tahini yoghurt & parsley salad (£11.00).

granger co gluten freeAlcohol isn’t served at Granger and Co until after 11am, but thankfully once our food had been devoured the time had arrived, so we promptly ordered peach bellinis for everyone. One simply cannot brunch without Champagne in some form or other.

granger co gluten free

Gluten Free Baked Goods at Granger and Co

We had been brunching for about four hours by this point, so started to get hungry again. Out of the corner of our eye we spotted a selection of baked goods. Baked goods we cried! We want baked goods.

Of course we didn’t expect to be able to eat any of said baked goods, so were positively beside ourselves with glee when our server reported that yes, there was a gluten free baked good on offer. It was a pistachio cake, and you get two pieces, he said unto us. We could’ve kissed him.

Moments later the pistachio dream cake appeared before us. It was beautiful. And it tasted great too. Like pistachio ice cream, but more cakey.

granger co gluten free

Want to know the best bit? We were then informed that at Granger and Co they have a different gluten free cake on special EVERY DAY! Can you believe it? We cannot believe it.

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