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Gluten Free BBQ at Bodean’s, Soho

If you haven’t visited Bodean’s BBQ, you need to. The chain of restaurants has taken London by storm, and now there are branches all across the capital.

Back in 2002 Andre Blais had a dream – to bring the taste, the style, the soul of his beloved Kansas City barbecue to the UK. 10 years later, the Bodean’s family of diner-delis has branches all across the capital. And it’s totally gluten-free friendly – hip hip (hooray).

You’ll find Bodeans BBQ in Soho, Fulham, Clapham, Tower Hill and Balham. We visited the Soho branch, after a traumatising trip to Oxford Street to attempt the ultimately unsuccessful purchase of a new sofa.

On arrival we were asked whether we wanted to sit in the deli, which is a much more informal café style atmosphere with food in baskets and so on, or the downstairs restaurant which is a little more formal, but still quite relaxed. We went with the latter.

There was a waiting time (there always is) but they add your name and number to the list then send you a little app that shows you where you are in the queue, so you can hop along to the next door pub for a drink before your table’s ready.

What’s Gluten Free at Bodeans?


There’s no shortage of gluten free options at Bodean’s BBQ. Most meats (including the ribs, pulled pork, chicken, burnt ends) and BBQ sauces are gluten free. The coleslaw is also gluten free, and the fries are if you ask your server not to put the seasoning on. For the full lowdown download the Bodean’s BBQ allergen list here.

What We Ate:


IMG_8092We shared a plate of chicken, ribs, burnt ends and pulled pork. It was basically a massive platter of meaty deliciousness. Why have one meat when you can have four, huh? On the side we tried the coleslaw, perfect accompaniment to the rich meat, and some perfectly crispy American style fries.

The Verdict:

The most succulent, amazing meat with incredible BBQ glazes and crispy crunchy fries – and it’s pretty much all gluten free! You can’t ask for more than that. We are happy and fat.

The Bodean’s BBQ team are always out and about making sure that the slow-smoked BBQ, secret rubs and sauce recipes are up to scratch, and the BBQ obsession and attention as seen in KC are kept alive and kicking. Pop in when you’re next in a Bodean’s area and you’ll see why we love it so!

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