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10 Things We Wish The Bread-Eaters Would Stop Saying To Us

Being gluten free is no picnic, we’ll say that much. Things are getting easier, though. Gluten free options are better than they’ve ever been, there’s a free from aisle at most big supermarkets and even pizza restaurants have started catering for us. There’s just one thing that’s getting us all hot and bothered, though… the questioning. Here are the top ten questions we want out of our lives. What do we need to do, create a petition?

    1. Do you want some cake?
    2. You want to just eat some icing off the top?
    3. Oh a little bit of cake won’t hurt.
    4. How do you survive without bread, I love bread.
    5. That gluten free stuff looks so gross, how do you eat it?
    6. Even crumbs make you sick? Seriously?
    7. Is gluten a carb?
    8. So what actually happens when you eat gluten? (especially when said mid-meal)
    9. You know gluten free diets aren’t even good for you.
    10. It’s a fad diet, though, isn’t it. I mean, it’s like Atkins.


Oh and yeah, we can eat potatoes, alright!

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