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Introducing Borough 22… & the Best Brownies We’ve Ever Had

borough 22 bakehouse

Born of a need to create a free from after dinner treat that didn’t taste like hand recycled cardboard, Borough 22 is a new allergy friendly bakery based in London town – and it’s one of the most exciting we’ve come across all year.

borough 22 bakehouse

Borough 22 makes a bold claim – they promise to provide you with the best free from (and standard) chocolate brownies you’ll ever taste. But they’ve got reason to be confident. We met head baker Ryan and tried them for ourselves, and we can confirm they are, hands down, the best free from (or normal) brownies we’ve ever had.

borough 22 bakehouse

They say tears have been shed in pure chocolate joy for these brownies, and we can believe it. They’re the richest, gooiest most chocolatey brownies we’ve ever tried. In fact we could gladly have devoured an entire tray full! If you want to see what all the fuss is about you can place your own order here

borough 22 bakehouse

Alongside brownies Borough 22 also makes other baked goods like cupcakes and doughnuts, which can be made without a huge range of allergens (egg, dairy, gluten etc.) Nothing gets us excited quite like a freshly baked gluten free doughnut, so of course we had to try those too…

borough 22 bakehouse

The verdict was unanimous: not only does Borough 22 have the recipe for the finest gluten free brownies in the land, they’ve got the best doughnuts too. The doughnuts are so rich, so moist and so full of flavour. They’re rolled in a delicious cinnamon sugar and taste just like the doughnuts we remember from the gluten days… incredible! Contact Borough 22 to enquire about ordering some if you’d like to try them.

borough 22 bakehouse

Borough 22 strives to always use the very best ingredients, organic and locally sourced where possible. Their brownies are made with organic top quality chocolate from the Grenada Chocolate Company, all the way from the south Caribbean. Ryan tells us there’s zero compromise on ingredients and zero price increase on his free from products – equality for all!

borough 22 bakehouse

We’re expecting big things from this free from bakery. Check them out at or follow them on Instagram. 

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