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Gluten Free Wraps Launch at Pret

gluten free wrap pret

Pret is a little late to the gluten free party, but its recently launched a couple of gluten free wraps made with Newburn Bakehouse’s fresh wraps (which we really love).

The gluten free Harissa chicken wrap contains Pret’s higher welfare British chicken, thickly sliced and tossed in harissa crème fraiche, with a handful of pomegranate seeds, sliced red peppers, baby spinach leaves and coriander. It contains egg and milk, click here for the full list of ingredients.

The fillings were good, although could’ve been a bit more generous. The pomegranate seeds in particular were most delicious. Unfortunately the wrap did completely fall apart as soon as we picked it up; we’re not sure why they’re not folded up nicely like the ‘normal’ wraps. The only stinger though is the price – we paid the princely sum of £4.25 for this wrap. So a wrap and popcorn cost upwards of a fiver. Not great value…

We also tried a Mexican guacamole wrap the other week, which appears to have since disappeared off the face of the Earth. Anyway it contained avocado aplenty, and was rather nice. RIP.

There has unfortunately been a bit of controversy over the launch of Pret’s gluten free wraps, though, namely that Pret refuses to actually say they’re gluten free! You can read the full story on Gluten Free by The Sea.

Apparently it’s due to a risk of cross contamination in all Pret products which are made in-store (salads etc).

Pret say: “I would like to explain that everything made in our kitchen does not contain gluten ingredients ie salads. Items which do not go into the kitchen such as soups, popcorn bars are definitely gluten free and not at risk of cross contamination.”

So for now, the Pret gluten free wraps are probably best avoided if you have celiac disease or are very sensitive. However – Pret are now working in conjunction with Coeliac UK who are advising them on better practise, so watch this space, it may be safer soon.

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