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10 Tips for a Merry Gluten Free Christmas

gluten free christmas tips

Make sure your Christmas is as magical and wonderful as can be. Our 10 tips for gluten free Christmas merriment will stop you missing a thing this year, and yes that includes the Christmas pudding, stuffing and chocolate log!

  1. Get yourself a gluten free Christmas pudding, we like this one from Freego – no one should feel left out of the xmas pud fun!
  2. When there’s Christmas pudding there should also be Chocolate Log – this recipe is naturally gluten free and looks incredible.
    gluten free christmas tips
  3. Get baking! If you’ve got a batch of mince pies, sausage rolls and other xmas treats ready at all times you won’t feel left out when the party food rears its ugly head.
    gluten free christmas tips
  4. When dining at a Christmas buffet look out for things that are naturally gluten free like crudités, dips, prawns, nuts and so on. Beware of crisps – hidden gluten may lurk behind their crunchy charm.
    gluten free christmas tips
  5. Do not ask drunken partygoers for dietary information. These people cannot be trusted.
    gluten free christmas tips
  6. Be vigilant – as always hidden gluten lurks everywhere. Rum Balls for instance contain finely crushed biscuits – but they’re so finely crushed that they just look like chocolate truffles. Sneaky.
    gluten free christmas tips
  7. If you’re heading out for a Christmas feast make sure you phone ahead and speak to the restaurant about gluten free options, it’s much more likely that they’ll remember if you call and have a chat than if you send an email or put a note on your online booking.
    gluten free christmas tips
  8. Bin the junk. Christmas is a time of indulgence, we’re not debating that – but things that are naturally gluten free are always going to be on average 18 times more delicious and 33 times better for you. We’ve just made that up done the maths.
    gluten free christmas tips
  9. Eat before you go to a party, that way if there’s nothing gluten free you won’t be tempted to take the risk with any sketchy looking options!
    gluten free christmas tips
  10. Make a naturally gluten free stuffing with this recipe from Gluten Free Goodness – use cubes of toasted cornbread tossed with a skillet of softened onions, celery, chopped apple and cranberries seasoned with a touch of curry- then moistened with broth and baked till golden- top with pine nuts or pecans.
    gluten free christmas tips

Got any more tips to share? Leave us a comment!

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