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Win A Box of Gluten Free Gourmet Indian Snacks

gluten free indian snacks

We’ve just found some great new gluten free snacks with spice – and we’re giving you the chance to win some!


Howdah Snacks produce a range of six authentic Indian snacks, which are produced in India using locally sourced ingredients that aren’t readily available in the UK, reflecting the colour, vibrancy and diversity of Indian Cuisine.


We’re offering one lucky winner a box of delicious Howdah snacks, one packet of each variety. All you’ve got to do to be in with a chance of winning is like and share our facebook page! The competition closes on 20.12.14.


gluten free indian snacks


About the Snacks:

Howdah Snacks are traditionally made, using recipes that have been handed down through generations. They use only the freshest herbs, spices and flours. The snacks are free from additives, preservatives and 100% vegetarian and vegan too.


Here are the snacks we’ve tried, they’re gluten free. Not all Howdah snacks are gluten free though so please check the labels!


Peppered Banana Chips


These light and delicious banana chips originate from the humid and tropical climate of the southern state of Kerala. They taste like nothing we’ve ever tried before! The chips are dusted with black pepper and cumin, and make a really exotic alternative to your normal crisps. Surprisingly they didn’t really taste of banana at all, they’re totally savoury and the flavour is all of spices. We love them dipped in hummus.


Masala Banana Chips


Slightly spicier than the peppered banana chips, these crispy treats are coated in a subtle blend of warm spices, with a hint of chilli. This savoury snack originates from Southern Kerala, where the bananas thrive in a humid and tropical climate. These chips are great dipped in a mint and cucumber raita – for the authentic Indian snack!


Peanut Pakoras


These ones were our favourites! The roasted peanuts are wrapped in a spicy, masala rich crisp case. They’re infused with ground spices of chilli, nutmeg, black pepper, cardamon and black salt. The recipe is from Maharastra – a region of India renowned for its fresh produce.


Make sure you like and share our facebook page to be in with a chance of winning. Good luck! 


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