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Support a Gluten Free Kick Starter!

gluten free kickstarter

We’ve just heard about a great new gluten free kick starter campaign, which could see instant gluten free muffins on the shop shelves in a matter of months!

The idea is simple: a single serve microwaveable muffin cup that you can take on the go – no clean up required. S’good muffin turns your microwave into your personal bakery, the cup contains a dry mix which you simply mix with water and microwave – hey presto, muffin is done!

gluten free kickstarter

The mix contains almond flour, eight superfoods and 11 grams of protein. It combines health, taste and convenience into one tasty, gluten free muffin.

gluten free kickstarter

From mix to muffin in 2 mins. We love it!

If you’d like to see this product in production support the campaign here – only one week to go!

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