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Just Opened: Pure, London Bridge

pure gluten free

Stop press! We have found something wonderful – a new gluten free friendly lunch spot that’s GOOD FOR YOU.

Pure has just opened its doors near London Bridge station, but the chain also has several other branches, in Soho, Covent Garden, Fitzrovia, Bank, Canary Wharf and Moorgate.

Every Pure store is a working kitchen where dressings are created, salads dressed in front of you, and smoothies are made fresh every day. And the food is packed just before you order it – none of that sitting around in boxes on a shelf rubbish *cough Pret cough*.

pure gluten free

All of Pure’s ingredients have been selected to ensure that they do not contain unnecessary preservatives, additives, sugar, salt or fat. That’s good news for gluten haters, because there’s far more likely to be gluten free options when shops cut the junk out! We found quite a few gluten free choices including salads and soups as well as hot food like their Thai red chicken.

View Pure Menu

I picked the rather frighteningly named ‘Celebrity Skin Salad’ – although it was a little on the pricey side (£6.45), and contained a disappointing lack of actual celebrity’s skin, I have to say I really enjoyed it.

pure gluten free

It’s hot-smoked salmon, avocado, cashews, cucumber and tomato on mixed leaves, and it comes with a little pot of homemade Pure Vinaigrette to add yourself. The portion was incredibly generous – although I did hoover it all up! You can definitely tell this salad hasn’t been stuck on a shelf all day, it tastes fresh healthy and good!

pure gluten free

The shops are also famed for their juices and smoothies, which are also made fresh each day and have inspired names like Kung Flu Fighting. Brilliant.

Pure publishes the nutritional information for all its food – if you’re calorie counting have a look here.


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