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Gluten Free Cherry Bakewells at Costa Coffee

gluten free costa coffee

Costa coffee have shunned the dull old gluten free brownies in favour of a more interesting free from snack – the gluten free cherry bakewell! The perfect snack for a coffee break in Glutopia, we think…

gluten free costa coffee

The gluten free treats come in individual wrapping – so no fears of cross contamination in their gluten-full muffin cabinet, and they’re the perfect accompaniment for a delicious Costa coffee!

We tried a pair of cherry bakewells with a giant cup of chocolatey mocha last week and were very impressed! The sponge is rich and full of almond flavour, and the pastry is perfectly light and importantly quite robust – it doesn’t crumble to bits at all when you take it out of its little tin foil jacket!

We didn’t expect to love them quite as much as we did. In fact, we might have to go back and get a few more…

costa gluten free

Gluten Free: You Bet


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