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Dialsi Gluten Free Pasta

Ever wondered if you can get gluten free pasta so good gluten-lovers would never know the difference? Ever thought it’d be nice to find a gluten free pasta so brilliant and wonderful you could serve it up at one of your dinner parties and your guests wouldn’t bat an eyelid?

You can!

Dialsi Gluten Free Pasta

The answer to our prayers has been created by a little known brand called Dialsi, available online at Freego Foods. It’s made from nothing by corn and rice flour, and contains no additives or gluten stabilizers – this is a pasta that respects the simplicity of raw materials, very Italian wouldn’t you say?

Dialsi Gluten Free Pasta

Dialsi dry the pasta slowly at a low temperature, to help to preserve the nutritional qualities of the raw ingredients, resulting in a product that looks not only delicious but absolutely authentic. We’ve taste tested it and can confirm it’s practically perfect in every way.

Buy it online

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