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Gluten Free Thai Food at Oaka, Kennington

oaka kennington gluten free

Oaka at the Mansion House is a pan-Asian restaurant moments from Kennington tube station, which serves up some of the best food we’ve come across – and plenty of it is gluten free, too!

oaka kennington gluten free

The place is the brainchild of couple Paul Hook from Oakham Ale and his wife Patcharee Shaweewan – half of Oaka is a pub specialising in Oakham ales, whilst the other side is an upmarket restaurant with a menu inspired by Patcharee’s Thai origin.

oaka kennington gluten free

All gluten free dishes are clearly marked on the menu, something we love to see!

oaka kennington gluten free

We went with the gluten free Massaman Lamb (£11.90) – a delicious, rich dish of slow-cooked lamb in a Thai style curry sauce with new potatoes, flavoured with tamarind and palm sugar. It doesn’t come with any accompaniments though, so we picked some sticky rice (£2.90) too.

oaka kennington gluten free

oaka kennington gluten free

The restaurant is a far cry from the ordinary Thai food in a pub experience. Dark, glossy wood surrounds the tables and they’ve gone for the mood lighting in a big way. Tea lights galore! There is also a television in the restaurant showing the goings on in the kitchens. Sometimes you can see them set fire to things. Quite exciting.

gluten free oaka london

Whilst Oaka is a little on the pricier side, we think it’s the perfect spot for a special occasion. Give Oaka a try next time you’re in South London – we think it’s hands down the best place to eat in Kennington!

gluten free oaka london

Gluten Free? Yes – there are plenty of gluten-less options here, and everything is clearly marked on the menu.

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