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Ken & Jesse’s Gluten Free Cookies

ken jesses gluten free cookie dough

Remember freshly baked cookies? Remember how chewy, and delicious, and altogether wonderful they used to taste? Well now you can get gluten free cookies that taste just as wonderful as the real thing, and you can bake them in your very own oven!

Cookie masterminds Ken and Jesse have created a gluten free dough that produces the most insane cookies – try it and you’ll probably wonder if they’re really gluten free at all!

We tried two of their gluten free doughs out – plain cookies with chocolate chips and the chocoholic heaven that is the double chocolate cookie (with white and milk chocolate chips!).

ken jesses gluten free cookie dough

The results were really wonderful – here are the cookies fresh out of the oven, a beautiful sight we’re sure you’ll agree! And they tasted as great as they look – so rich, so chocolatey and chewy too.

ken jesses gluten free cookie dough

You can bake them how you like, if you prefer a thinner cookie or a less chewy cookie you just adjust the cooking times accordingly. We think thick and chewy is definitely a winner though!

Ken & Jesse’s gluten free cookies are available at Flat Planet Bakery, Carnaby Street and The Grocery on Kingsland Road (both London). They will also soon be on offer direct to you for home baking. Sign up on their website to be the first to hear. 

Gluten Free: Oh yes.


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