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Freego – Gluten Free Goodies, Delivered

freego gluten free

Freego is an online store stocking some of the world’s best gluten free food. We tried the new website recently and were really impressed at the quality of their products – many of which we’d never even heard of before!

The store is “dedicated to bringing you the best allergen-friendly, healthy foods.” These guys are on a mission to make sure gluten-haters never have to compromise on taste or quality – music to our ears! There’s bread mixes from the USA, pasta from Italy, black bean spaghetti from China, crispbreads from France – see the full selection here.


Every product is selected based on a panel test and customer feedback, taking away the trial and error of new gluten free products! We tried a selection of products, Luce’s artisan bread mix, chia seeds, almond butter, a peanut and raisin 9 bar, free’d crackers and brand new quinoa cookies by Punku.


Everything is delivered next day if ordered by 1pm, we placed an order on Sunday evening and it arrived before lunchtime on Tuesday. You also get free UK delivery for all orders over £30, and delivery updates on the day of delivery telling you the hour your goodies will be delivered.

It’s official: we love freego.


Have you tried their products? What did you think?

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