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How to Make Perfect Pies with DS Gluten Free Pastry

There are few things more difficult than baking with gluten free pastry. Instead you may consider finding a needle in a haystack, walking on water or purchasing a jar of tartan paint. If you are up for a challenge, though, or just have a craving for pie that no pastry-pretenders will satisfy, I recommend this: FROZEN GLUTEN FREE PASTRY of the Gods.

photo 1-1

It comes in packets of two, and seems to work best when a bit warm. Normal pastry needs to be cold, but of course when you’re doing gluten free baking it’s best to hurl that rule book out of the window, shut your eyes and hope for the best.


As it was Christmas time and there’s no such thing as calories during the yuletide feasting we decided to cook up some delicious and delectable sausage rolls…


photo 5-1


We also made a big old gluten free pie, full of turkey and ham and festive leftover goodness.


photo 4


The end result was a resounding success, even if the sausage rolls were a bit odd of shape. No funny aftertaste, not too much crumbling and I definitely didn’t feel left out when every one else was tucking into their Christmassy party food!


The Verdict: Great gluten free pastry, minimal fuss, some patience required.




    • Thank you! It was quite delicious, the pie is well worth the effort if you’re thinking of giving it a try! 😀


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