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Product Review: Udi’s Gluten Free

There are some things which come swimming across the pond that really should have stayed put. Take Justin Bieber, for instance, or that peanut butter which is half peanut butter half ‘jelly’. And the jelly isn’t even jelly at all, it’s some sort of jam-meets-syrup hybrid that’ll make all your teeth fall straight out of your head whilst your feet run around in continuous circles until all the molten sugar fuel runs out and you collapse to the floor in a sweating, shivering mess. Yeah that. They can have that back.



One thing which I would like to keep here in the United Kingdom of Greatness though, is this lovely all-American and all gluten free brand – Udi’s.



Udi’s are something of a giant over in the US of A. They make all the gluten free things you could ever dream of. From bagels (two flavours, no less) to pretend pop tarts and sweet little mince pie treats (do they even have mince pies in America?).

In the Autumn Udi’s launched over here in London town… And guess who’s been generously trying all the Udi treats out for you?

Me, is the answer.

The thing I was most beside myself about had to be the arrival of Udi’s pretend pop tarts. I mean, I don’t even remember being that keen on pop tarts back in my gluten-loving days, but now I just can’t get enough of their sickeningly sweet scent, the total wrongness of icing topped pastry for breakfast, and the fact that they’re full of that mental jam jelly stuff. I was almightily excited to try the Udi’s ‘toaster pastries’. See what they did there? Nah, me neither.

Anyhow they are good. Not brilliant. Not like oh my god I’m going to fall over on my way to the shops to buy more and more and more brilliant. But good. They need icing, that’s the problem. They’re not mind-numbingly sweet enough. Nevertheless I proceeded to eat an entire box without much trouble. Not all on the same day, mind.

Now the bagels. These are better than the pop tarts. Better than many gluten free bread offerings, actually. And they’ve got a hole in the middle so you can see your sandwich filling. It’s like a little window. I love them. My favourite must go to the cinnamon & raisin variety. It’s a treat to eat. Hah. Poetry.

Udi’s do crisps too. They’re baked. Healthy crisps. You can eat the whole bag and you won’t get fat. I tried cheese and jalapeño flavour. Nice they were. There’s also chocolate and toffee muffins, which are moist and rich and indulgent and full of muffin badness. I loved them.

The mince pies are probably the best thing I’ve tried by Udi’s thus far, which is strange if I am correct in thinking such a thing doesn’t exist in America. I mean, how did they know? What kind of witchcraft is this? It’s the sweetest, richest gluten free pastry I’ve tried in my entire life. And I am always trying pastry. It’s like my thing.

The Verdict: If you haven’t given Udi’s a go yet, if you’ve been wary of their overtly American nutritional labelling, untrusting of their funny name, or frightened by their brightly coloured boxes I say this: be brave, gluten haters. Udi’s products are our friends. Especially the bagels.

God Save the Queen.


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