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Product Review: Lizi’s Granola

Granola is great, isn’t it? But too much granola is full of sugar and fat and chemical baddies. Not this one, though. Lizi’s Granola is healthy as can be. And it’s gluten free*!


It’s available in five flavours – Treacle & Pecan, Pink Apple & Cinnamon, Original, Belgian Chocolate and Organic.


I tried both the Treacle & Pecan and the Belgian Chocolate varieties. First Treacle & Pecan. These crunchy clusters were sweet, but not as sweet as they sound (I actually thought it could’ve been sweeter, but I’m a BIG fan of sugar). It’s full of pumpkin seeds, oats and plenty of pecans making it tasty, filling and fab.


Treacle & Pecan

Treacle & Pecan


The Belgian Chocolate was also a total winner – eating chocolate for breakfast is absolutely fine by me. In fact I think I preferred this one, chocoholic that I am.


Belgian Chocolate

Belgian Chocolate


All of Lizi’s products have been developed with Glycaemic Load in mind, so are designed to help keep your blood sugars level. So you shouldn’t get those massive highs and lows that normal sugary granola can give you. They’re full of good carbs, nothing refined and nothing bad. They taste good too!


Couldn't decide...

Couldn’t decide…


*Gluten Free? Though not certifiably gluten free, Lizi’s Granola contains no gluten-full foods – just oats, which may or may not be any good depending on your own sensitivity. I found it absolutely fine though.

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