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La Tasca Gluten Free Menu

Tapas giant La Tasca have launched a brand new gluten free menu, and as far as gluten free offerings go this one is pretty damn good!

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They’ve got gluten free bread, gluten free beer, tonnes of gluten free tapas dishes (veggie and non-veggie) and… wait for this… the biggest gluten free pudding menu I have EVER seen.

So what of the food? Well it’s standard La Tasca type dishes, little sharing plates of Mediterranean food best eaten in the sunshine with a glass of Sangria.
I began with the gluten free flatbreads with oil and vinegar (because I was just so excited to see bread on the menu). These are supplied by Newburn Bakehouse (they are the wraps, basically, but rolled up a bit prettier). They were just as the wraps are, very good, nice texture, don’t fall apart etc. etc. I thought they might’ve been a bit nicer if they were warm though. Gluten loving boy was not impressed though, unfortunately. I guess they can’t compete with real bread!

For the main event we picked paella del dia (chicken and chorizo, obviously) which was great, potato gratin (rich, creamy and oozing with blue cheese – v. indulgent), chicken wings (well cooked, generous portion, could’ve done with a bit more of a salsa kick though) and chorizo with Spanish black pudding (the chorizo was fab, the black pudding I wasn’t so sure about… an odd texture. Bit squashy. Still unsure.)

The puddings were where La Tasca’s gluten free offerings really shined, though. There were absolutely loads! Chocolate fondant, chocolate and toffee tart, lemon and lime crumble tart, sorbet, classic ice cream and Spanish style gelati. That’s right people – NO FRUIT SALAD IN SIGHT!!!

Gluten Free Dessert Menu

Gluten Free Dessert Menu

I was positively beside myself when the puds arrived – they were both incredibly rich, incredibly gooey, in fact they were everything you could want in a chocolate pud. The chocolate & toffee tart was my favourite, and definitely the most sickly sweet option on the menu! I could eat another one now, actually..

Gluten Free: So gluten free, and so knowledgable! Thank you La Tasca!


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