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Product Review: Georgia’s Choice Gluten Free Lasagne

So the other day I sat down to a dinner that would usually have me in a cold sweat. Lasagne and garlic bread. And no, I wasn’t about to commit gluten-suicide. I was, in fact, sampling the free from versions of two of my most-missed gluten full treats.

photo 2

The lasagne was provided by Georgia’s Choice, a brand which looks to me to be rather small in the product range department, but perhaps it is growing. Who knows. Anyhow I can report that the lasagne was all I could have dreamed of and more. Well maybe not all I could have dreamed of, but it was pretty good, as far as ready meals go.

photo 1

I mean, the meat wasn’t the finest quality stuff I’ve ever tasted and the whole thing was, in essence, a very unhealthy concoction but… lasagne! I haven’t eaten lasagne in five years. It was EXCITING.

Georgia’s Choice products aren’t answering the prayers of many allergy-ridden folk, however. This lasagne is gluten free only. It contains plenty of dairy, probably half a dozen eggs and enough yeast to raise a skyscraper. Well, it contains cheese anyway.

To find out more about the garlic bread click here, it got its own blog – lucky devil.

Gluten Free: Yes indeedy!




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