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Product Review: Nature’s Path Granola

I’m all for gluten free granola, because when it comes to cereals the free from options are certainly lacking a little something. Nature’s Path have been championing allergen free granola for a good while now, and have a full range of tasty cereals that are full of grains and seeds and all things healthy.

Nature's Path Granola

Nature’s Path Granola

The ‘Nice and Nobbly Granola’ with pumpkin seeds, almonds, raisins and cinnamon is my personal favourite, and I’d recommend it to anyone – gluten free or not. Cinnamon in cereal is always a good thing in my book. Yes, this is one delicious breakfast right here.

Delicious Breakfast

Delicious Breakfast

It’s completely packed full of sugar, though, so I’d recommend having this with another less intense cereal if you don’t want to start the day on a massive sugar high. I mean, it could make for a more interesting morning… but I’ll bet you don’t want all your teeth to drop out of your head just yet.



Nature’s Path products are available in most big supermarkets, there’s a full list here.


Gluten Free? YES.

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