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Product Review: Dove’s Farm Cereal Flakes

So I found this cereal the other day, and I bought it because it looked like Special K and OH MY GOD DO I MISS SPECIAL K.

Dove's Farm Cereal Flakes

Dove’s Farm Cereal Flakes

It wasn’t like Special K though, so don’t get too excited. I mean, initially this was a disappointment the like of which I’ve never experienced, but I powered through, open-minded being that I am.

And it’s actually not at all bad. The consistency is perfectly crunchy enough, the taste is pretty good and it really does fill you up. They also seem fairly healthy from a quick glance at the ingredients, it’s not a free for all where additives and random chemicals are concerned.



So if you’re bored to death of rubbish free from porridge give Dove’s Farm a try. They have a nice name too.


Gluten Free? Yes BUT they do contain milk, weirdly.

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