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Product Review: Pudology

There is a God. I’ve just discovered an amazing new brand called Pudology, who specialise in the most indulgent little puddings that are free of dairy, gluten and eggs. They’re suitable for vegans, too!


The brand was borne out of a dream. A dream that everyone would be able to enjoy incredibly rich and delicious desserts regardless of any food intolerances. Puddings, you see, are very important things.

The Puds!

The Puds!

I was sent a selection of their latest flavours to taste, and I can’t tell you how delicious they are. I really can’t. They’re bloody delicious. Even dairy, gluten and egg loving boy devoured a chocolate pud without a murmur of complaint. “What’s it made of?” He muttered as he polished off the pot. “Dust,” I said. It’s not, but I like to lie to him.

So here’s our review, in full…

Banoffee Pie: My favourite. I loved the big bold flavours, gooey chocolate topping and crunchy biscuit base. It reminded me of a banoffee cheesecake for some reason. There is, obviously, no cheese involved though.

Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie

Chocolate Pud: Boy’s preference. Really rich, and a little like the gu chocolate pots. A chocoholics’ dream in tiny pudding form.

Chocolate Pud

Chocolate Pud

Lemon Pud: We liked this, but it didn’t really do it for our sweet teeth as much as the first two. Pretty zingy, sweet and full of flavour – but obviously fruit could never beat chocolate.

Lemon Pud

Lemon Pud

If you want to try Pudology’s masterpieces they’re available in Sainsbury’s, or you can click here for a full stockist list. Go banoffee, it’s the only way!


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