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Aqua Spirit, Regent Street

In June I was lucky enough to be invited to a lovely little bloggers event called Regent Tweet, an entire day of fashion and food fuelled madness held in honour of one of the capital’s favourite shopping destinations, Regent Street.





Promoting their wares were many a fashion brand as well as techy types such as Bose and all the street’s finest foodie shops and restaurants (titbits, Wholefoods Market, Aubaine, East India Tea Company, Inamo St James, MASH etc)



photo 1



Bars such as Aqua Spirit also got in on the act, offering a free signature cocktail to all bloggers. Don’t mind if I do.


‘Regent’s Fizz’ at Aqua Spirit

‘Regent’s Fizz’ at Aqua Spirit


On the menu for the day was a flute of ‘Regent’s Fizz’ – fresh raspberries muddled with kaffir lime leaves and Benedictine, topped up with Champagne. Easily one of the best Champagne cocktails I’ve ever tasted – but definitely one of the most expensive too, at £15 (plus service charge..!)


Cocktails at Aqua Spirit

Cocktails at Aqua Spirit


Although the mixed and muddled creations of Aqua may well be mind numbingly pricey, they are also delicious enough to make it kind of ok. It’s a catch 22 situation, inevitably ending in a haze of drunken bankruptcy. Well it did for me, anyway.


The bar at Aqua Spirit

The bar at Aqua Spirit


If by some bizarre coincidence you happen to visit Aqua on a day when it isn’t pouring with rain you can also soak up the rays on their roof terrace. Obviously I couldn’t, because it was indeed pouring with rain. Hmph grumble grumble etc.


Masters at work

Masters at work


The Verdict: Amazing, but take a loan out before you visit.



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