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Product Review: Knead Bakery Seeded Bread

Knead Bakery is unlike most free from food brands, in that it focusses on foods made without all the usual allergens – but it doesn’t pack them full of cane sugar, additives and preservatives like most free from companies seem to.

Knead Bakery Seeded Bread

Knead Bakery Seeded Bread

The bakery was launched by former journalist Sim Smith, who suffered from many allergies but didn’t want to miss out on a pizza, or any other treats for that matter! A lady after my own heart.

The brand caters for multiple food allergy sufferers, so they’ve set themselves apart by making sure that everything made by Knead is full of the very best ingredients and is free from gluten, dairy, casein, yeast and cane sugar.

I’d seen Knead products in Wholefoods stores, and always thought their branding looked really good (their website, by the way, is a work of art). So I thought it was about time I tried their seeded bread…

Knead Seedy Sandwich

Knead Seedy Sandwich

This bread is unlike most free from breads. It has a dense consistency almost like a rye bread but the taste of a good seedy loaf. You can slice it very thinly, you’ll get about 12 slices in a little loaf – so don’t be put off that the loaves are quite small.

It’s great toasted, with plenty of peanut butter (and marmite if you’re wild like me), but you can also do some more unusual things with it. I tried it as croutons, to make my salad a little more inspiring. All you do is cut the slices into cubes, drizzle with olive oil and herbs de provence, a little salt and pepper, grill them and then sprinkle with wild abandon! Pretty delicious, if I do say so myself.

Knead Seedy Toast

Knead Seedy Toast

You can buy Knead Bakery products at Ocado, but for a full list of stockists click here!


Gluten Free? Incredibly so! Also free of: dairy, casein, yeast and cane sugar, additives AND preservatives

Knead Bread - Ready for its Close Up

Knead Bread – Ready for its Close Up

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