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Callooh Callay, Shoreditch

If there’s one Shoreditch bar that really belongs in Shoreditch it’s Callooh Callay. You see, this one’s a little bit wacky, very tongue-in-cheek and sehr trendy. Oh and it’s got a secret bar hidden within it obviously. Bloody Shoreditch.

On my visit all the staff were dressed as fairy tale characters. There were gingerbread men on the tables, alongside bubbles and party poppers. No one even began to explain this. They just giggled at eachother. I was served by Pinnocchio. It was weird.


Callooh Callay

Anyway enough of the nonsense, what of the cocktails? Well, I can report that despite being created by a wooden puppet the two cocktails we tried were rather good. As it was fairy tale day all the cocktails were fairy tale themed, so we went for Pinnochio (in honour of our server) and Jack the Giant Slayer (because boy thought that one sounded suitably manly).

Fairy Tale Themed Cocktail Menu at Callooh Callay

Fairy Tale Themed Cocktail Menu at Callooh Callay

Pinnochio featured my new favourite thing – Ting. Ting is great. They put it in cocktails a lot. I don’t know if it exists as a separate entity, but it is great it truly is. There was also lashings of rum and some pink peppercorns, for zing I presume.

Jack the Giant Slayer definitely could’ve slayed a giant or two. It was rocket fuel, in the best possible way. Full of tequila, blue curacao, lime and ginger this wasn’t as manly looking as the boy wanted but it definitely tasted manly enough.

Pinnochio & Jack the Giant Slayer

Pinnochio & Jack the Giant Slayer

Both cocktails were £8, which is pretty standard for the area – and we certainly didn’t get shortchanged where alcohol was concerned.

We didn’t feel the need to check out the secret bar on our visit, as it was only the early afternoon and we weren’t drunk enough to ask to go through the wardrobe. But if you do want to… it’s through the wardrobe.



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