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Product Review: Amy’s Kitchen Macaroni and Cheese

I was feeling flush the other day, so took a trip to the Wholefoods Market, a veritable treasure trove of organic, healthy stuff located in Piccadilly Circus.

I fell in love with the Wholefoods on my first visit, when I spotted a new baked concoction some absolute genius had dreamt up. It was a cupcake with a macaroon stuck on top. They called it the cupcaroon. I was beside myself.

Anyway I digress, Wholefoods is also amazing because they have a whole freezer full of gluten free goodies. Last time I spotted a brand named ‘Amy’s Kitchen’, which claims to cater for busy folk such as I who can’t be arsed to cook but don’t want to eat rubbish. I’m not sure how macaroni cheese fits in with that remit because I’m quite certain it isn’t your typical health food, but we’ll let that slide.

Amy's Kitchen Rice Macaroni and Cheese - Gluten Free

Amy’s Kitchen Rice Macaroni and Cheese – Gluten Free

In terms of taste this gluten free macaroni cheese is not bad at all, it certainly doesn’t taste gluten free and the pasta hasn’t turned to mush as it probably would had I attempted to make this myself. They even do a dairy free version which, shockingly, tastes just as good. Actually I think I preferred it. Weird.

photo 2-2

The insides of the box…

My only problem with Amy’s Kitchen is the fact that it appears to have been designed for kiddywinks, or perhaps those with the appetite of an eight year old. All their meals are teeny tiny. I could have eaten two of these macaroni boxes and still had room for dessert. I mean look at it. That’s a normal sized fork I’ve put there for comparison. It’s not novelty oversized cutlery.

Gluten Free? Yes, organic too and dairy free/vegan if you wish.

6/10 (you’ll get more points if you make grown up sized portions, Amy)

N.B. Amy’s Kitchen products are also available at Tesco’s and Ocado, but I’ve found the biggest range in the Wholefoods Market.

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