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Pitt Cue Co Trailer, Southbank

Pitt Cue Co started up last summer in a trailer, selling meat under a bridge. Doesn’t sound promising does it? But people went mad for the trailer meat, raving about in blogs and in real life and in newspapers too! The trailer became famous, developed some celebrity swag and before they knew it the good people of Pitt Cue Co were washing their meat wagon down in mineral water and feeding it that special petrol that costs more than the normal sort.

Next they created a restaurant, you know the sort, they don’t take reservations.

And now… The trailer has returned! It is on Southbank. By wagamamas. Under a different bridge. Tell all your friends!

Yesterday I sampled the delights of Pitt Cue trailer meats for the first time. Sadly before our arrival a swarm of famished carnivores had visited, leaving us with only two options left on the menu – pulled pork or sausage.

Here is the pulled pork box (£7.50); it contains a whole lot of pig, also a chunk of bread, slaw and house pickles. We thought the pulled pork was the star, tender as tender can be. The slaw was fab too – fresh and perfect with the bbq meat… and a pretty colour too.

BBQ Pulled Pork, Slaw, Pickles

This is the sausage box (£7.50). As you can see Pitt Cue are being a bit snazzy by making their sausage burger shaped. The sausage wasn’t as spectacular as the pulled pork but a damn good sausage nonetheless.  It tasted how sausages are supposed to i.e. of piggy and not of cardboard/sponges/nothingness. This box also contains the other side order option, BBQ beans. Very rich and, as to be expected, meaty (even the beans had chunks of pig in).

Sausage (x2), BBQ Beans

Gluten Free? Yep – just skip the bread.

The Verdict: Well now we know what all the fuss is about. Pitt Cue Co’s trailer provides one of the best meals in a box I’ve ever had. Boy said it was like restaurant food in a box. Hooray for meat from a trailer. We’ll be back.



Pitt Cue Trailer
Southbank (12pm – 9pm)
The Queen’s Walk
Under Hungerford Bridge
In front of Royal Festival Hall

Pitt Cue Co on Urbanspoon

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