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Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House, Borough

Last weekend I decided to take a trip to Borough to have a look at one of London’s most famous food markets. The market itself was good fun, and I’d recommend it if you’re looking for something to interesting to do on a lazy saturday. If you’re actually looking to buy any food though, I wouldn’t bother. You’ll be old by the time you reach the front of the queue at any of the stalls. Really, the crowds are obscene. The market is worth a visit, though, for nearby restaurant Wright Brothers.

Once we’d seen all that the market had to offer we stopped for a well deserved lunch break at the busy seafood restaurant. As soon as we entered we were impressed by the buzz of the place. They had no tables, but it isn’t one of those annoying you must queue sort of places, so a lovely waiter chap with a funny hairdo took our number to let us know when a table became free. We headed to a nearby pub to bide our time…

The atmosphere of this restaurant is great. Decor is informal and rustic, yet smart. I loved the oh so melted candles. We were seated on wooden stools at the bar, a great spot for people watching. As soon as we were seated and ready a basket of fresh bread arrived for us to much on as we looked at the menu. Unsurprisingly Wright Brothers serve a huge range of oysters and shellfish, as well as seafood dishes.


We decided to pick a few of the starters to share; scallops with cauliflower purée (one of the specials that day), deep-fried squid and whitebait.

Scallops with cauliflower purée

Deep-fried squid


The scallops were fantastic, cooked perfectly and complemented by the sweet cauliflower purée they were sat on. I’d go again just for this dish. The squid was reasonably good, tender with a crunchy coating but I must admit I found it a little unexciting. I felt similar about the whitebait – enjoyable but not worth shouting about.

The starters were big enough to be main courses which was good as the menu didn’t appear to offer that much in the way of main dishes. Four choices is fair enough if there are quite a range of specials on offer but on my visit most of the specials seemed to be small plates. The beef and oyster pie sounded quite interesting but a waiter regretfully admitted it’s just a beef pie with oysters on the side – a bit less innovative than it sounds!

The service at Wright Brothers made the place really shine. Despite the business of this restaurant the staff are attentive as can be, and friendly too. Funny haired chap even stopped to tell us all about how many candles they get through. Apparently it’s a lot.

Oh so meltedy

The Verdict: Good quality seafood in a cosy setting. Not a cheap option but perfect for a treat on a saturday afternoon.




Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House
11 Stoney Street
Borough Market

Wright Brothers (Soho) on Urbanspoon


  1. Yeah the chandeliers and candlesticks were so prettyyyy! I need them in my house!

    Glad you enjoyed, thanks for reading 🙂


    • Alex Booth says

      Sorry, first time looking at The Celeriac – just so i am clear, is everything you ate (shown above) gluten free? Would be very helpful to know

      • Hi,

        Only the scallops were gluten free, (this blog is pre-GF days!) Wright Bros are very helpful though and do a lot of gluten free dishes, it’s all fresh so can be adapted quite easily. Hope that helps. Alex

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