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Brunch at Kopapa, Covent Garden

Kopapa is the latest offering from Peter Gordon of Providores (‘the godfather of fusion cookery’). Kiwi chef and co-owner Gordon has combined Asian, Middle Eastern, European and American ingredients in his unusual and oh so trendy menu. Everything at Kopapa is served with a twist, as you would expect when dining with the godfather of fusion, well everything except for the burger which looked pretty ordinary to me I must say…

The restaurant has received widespread commendation, applause and the like from food critics and bloggers so I thought I’d try it out for Sunday brunch – one of its apparent specialities.

The restaurant is on busy Monmouth Street so is unsurprisingly swarming with people, like little bees they are, all gobbling up their brunches and chat chatting away. The atmosphere is fun but very loud (not advisable for hangovers), and the decor left a little to be desired. A gleaming brass bar along one side looked inviting and elegant, yet the layout of the rest of the restaurant was somewhat canteen-esque with tables arranged in lines very close to one another, although thankfully not so close you can hear neighbours conversations (that’s the absolute cardinal sin of any restaurant, it really is).

Interestingly the management feel the need to play a soundtrack of people talking over the actual noise of people talking at Kopapa. I’m not sure why. It’s loud anyway. I’d prefer music. I’ve been to a few places that do this. I still can’t work out why.  It’s mildly irritating but mostly just weird.

And so, to the sustenance… At first we ordered many drinks. Smoothies, juices, coffee and all. The smoothies were fantastic  (yet fantastically overpriced) – really smooth, as a smoothie should be but also tasting all fresh and of real fruit and deliciousness. The juice too was quite amazing. My brother ordered apple juice. It arrived looking like a banana milkshake. We were all quite freaked out by this, but bravely soldiered on and tried it. It was wonderful, like biting an apple. I’ve never had apple juice that tasted so much of apple. What is this muck I’ve been drinking all my life?

The yellow one is apple juice…Can you believe it? I’m still struggling…

Anyway, on to the foodstuffs. At Kopapa I was severely disadvantaged because I do not like eggs. I will eat things which contain egg, I am not that much of a raving fuss-nut, but eggs alone – no way. So let me say this: If you don’t like eggs don’t eat here. Your choices are limited to about three things. It was for this reason that I ordered porridge, at a restaurant. Weird right.

Well yes, it was weird, and not just because it was porridge. I expected when ordering porridge at such a supposedly classy establishment that this would be the best porridge I’d ever had, akin to dining on mushy gold dust. It wasn’t though. It was average at best. I could’ve made better porridge. It did look pretty though and came with a nice apple and sultana compote on the top. I couldn’t have done that…

Millet porridge with apple and sultana compote and greek yoghurt

Everybody else’s egg filled dishes looked quite delicious but obviously I did not try them because if I do taste an egg there’s a small risk I may die of disgust. But here are the photos for all the egg lovers of this world.

Chorizo Eggy Hash

Turkish Eggs with Sourdough

You are probably now looking at these tasty looking dishes and wondering why I felt so underwhelmed by the place. You probably think I’m still getting over my everything-on-the-menu-is -made-of-egg –rage. But before you start to think me a harsh reviewer, cast your eye over the bill… £1.40 for ONE SLICE OF TOAST. I kid you not. I think this my lack of love for Kopapa has a lot to do with this.


Verdict: I wouldn’t return, because they serve substandard porridge at highly inflated prices. If you like eggs (and like to pay a lot for your eggs) I’d recommend you give it a try though…



32-34 Monmouth Street

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  1. I’m really sad to hear this! I had it all planned for brunch with a girlfriend in two weeks and was so looking forward to going to kopapa. would you recommend any other good brunches in the area?

    • Hmm… well it wasn’t a TOTAL disaster it was just not all it’s cracked up to be in my opinion – still worth a try if you enjoy expensive eggs!

      For a nice girly brunch I’d recommend The Wolseley, it’s a bit pricey but worth it – really good food and lovely atmosphere. I’d go for the chocolate milkshakes alone…They are marvellous and wonderful! Also v. good croissants…

      I’ve heard good things about Hawksmoor’s brunch, but haven’t tried it yet myself. If you do please let me know what you think!


  2. thanks for your comment on my blog! so obviously I went.. and I didn’t like it either! and don’t worry, you didn’t miss out so much on the eggs which were alright.. but not that fantastic.

    I’ll give those 2 a go and maybe let you know how they are!

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